The Crazy Left

and RINOs too…

Pilgrims 1
Shameful Thanksgiving Message From The White House

What Obama compares the pilgrims to is insulting!

Baby in Womb
Libs Applaud Pro-Abortion SCANDAL Show

New revelation about creator Shonda Rhimes….

Military equipment
Obama Has Found New Way To Disarm Americans

Take equipment from your local police force!

Bernie Sanders 1a
The Growing Wave of Socialism in America

These college voters’ views on socialism should concern you. 

Gutierrez-Ryan 3
Gutierrez and Ryan Team Up – For Immigrants

Your new RINO Speaker is not fighting for American citizens!

WhiteHouse-gov 2
Are We Still in America? looks more like United Nations website!

Airlines_American b
Security Breach at JFK Airport

What if one of these passengers was a terrorist?

Hollywood Actress Spews Anti-Christian Insults

What she said against Christians and the cross is sickening.

Legos 5b
Kindergarten Teacher’s Gender Equity Lesson

Legos taken from the boys, because… WHY?

Syrian-refugees_Dallas Mayor 2
Dallas Mayor Says ISIS Does Not Represent Islam

Your jaw will drop to learn who he’s really afraid of…

Harry Reid 2
Harry Reid Under Investigation in Utah

Of course he says he didn’t do it!

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi 4th Richest Californian in Congress

Preaches fairness and equality…

CA Lawmakers and Corporate Sponsors Get Cozy

Is this a business retreat, or a policy sell-out?

Capitalism or Socialism concept
Socialism: Bernie Sanders’ Utopia

Who is buying into it should scare you to death!

Sorros 1
Fake Conservatives Team Up With Sorros

Reagan would have NEVER supported this!

Hillary 2
Is Hillary Getting Dementia?

Is she forgetting, or does she really believe this?  You decide!

WhoopiG 2
Whoopi Goldberg on the Syrian Refugees

Look who she called monsters…!

Gutierrez Says Republicans Are Scared of ISIS

What could possibly go wrong?

Student_Free Education 1
Liberal College Students In For Rude Awakening

This interview will make you cringe…

Racist Protests Escalating To Frightening Levels

But look who’s really causing it….